On 10 November 2013, the flight instructor and student pilot of a Cessna 152 aircraft, registered VH‑TNV (TNV), were conducting circuits at Tyabb aerodrome, Victoria. The pilot of a Jabiru J160 aircraft, registered 19-4430 (Jabiru), taxied for a local flight with one passenger on board. The pilot broadcast a taxi call on the CTAF and taxied towards the runway 17 holding point. The pilot stopped the aircraft short of the holding point and turned at an angle to maximise his view of the base and final legs of the circuit.

When on a close downwind leg, in-line with the runway 17 threshold, the pilot of TNV commenced a glide approach. He broadcast turning base for a glide approach, and commenced a continuous turn towards runway 17.

The pilot of the Jabiru heard the broadcast and looked for TNV but was unable to sight the aircraft. He then broadcast that he was lining up and rolling on runway 17, and commenced the take-off run. TNV was on a high close final, and the pilot reported broadcasting turning final. Neither pilot heard the other pilot’s broadcast.

The student pilot of TNV continued the glide approach, aiming to touch down about half way along the runway. As the Jabiru became airborne, at about 15 ft above ground level, the pilot saw the underside of TNV appear from above and was overtaking the Jabiru very slowly and descending. TNV descended onto the Jabiru and the elevator trim tab impacted the fin of the Jabiru. The Jabiru landed and skidded along the runway.

The pilot of TNV heard a loud bang but did not see the Jabiru and commenced a go-around. The aircraft required full back pressure on the control column and full back trim to climb, so he conducted a low level circuit and returned for landing. The Jabiru was substantially damaged and TNV sustained damage to the right elevator and trim tab.


Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 25