On 31 October 2013, a Cessna 172 aircraft, registered VH-IGS, departed Parafield, on a private flight to the Gum Creek area near Clare, South Australia. The pilot was the sole occupant on board.

The pilot had flown to Parafield earlier in the morning to pick up a part needed to repair a hay cutting machine. The pilot felt pressure to get the part back to the property and repair the machine so that the harvest could continue.

At about 1300 central daylight time, the aircraft arrived overhead a back road the pilot had selected in the Gum Creek area. His intention was to land as close as possible to the hay machine. After conducting two precautionary searches over the road and identifying some powerlines, he commenced the approach onto the road.

Just as the aircraft was touching down, a gust of wind struck the aircraft from the right, moving it rapidly to the left. The pilot attempted to initiate a go-around, but the aircraft continued further left.  The left wing struck a large tree and was severed and the aircraft was further damaged as it continued through a gate and fence. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the aircraft was substantially damaged.


  Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 25