On 29 October 2013, at about 0645 Central Standard Time, the pilot of a Cessna 404 aircraft, registered VH-HAZ, was preparing for a return flight from Darwin to Garden Point and Snake Bay, Northern Territory. The pilot reviewed the applicable Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) and noted that the runway 11 threshold at Darwin would be displaced due to works in progress. He reported that, on reading the NOTAM, he paid attention to the usable runway length and included the runway distance calculations in his pre-flight planning.

At about 0745, the aircraft departed from the runway 11 ‘Bravo 2’ intersection and the pilot reported that he did not observe any markings indicating the location of the displaced threshold.

On return to Darwin, at about 1000, the pilot received the automatic terminal information service (ATIS), which advised of the displaced threshold. He received a clearance from air traffic control (ATC) to land on runway 11.

While on approach, at about 200 ft above ground level (AGL), the pilot observed orange cones (works limit markers) and red and white cones (unserviceability markers) on the runway. He adjusted the aircraft’s descent profile, aiming to be over the red and white cones at about 50 ft AGL. He then focused his attention on landing. The aircraft touched down near the ‘Bravo 2’ intersection.

The pilot reported that, after completing his flying duties at about 1830, he was notified by his company that ATC had advised that the aircraft had landed before the displaced threshold.


Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 25