Aviation safety issues and actions

Assessment of NDT procedures

Issue number: AO-2013-187-SI-08
Who it affects: All aircraft operators in Australia
Issue owner: Civil Aviation Safety Authority records
Operation affected: Aviation: General aviation
Background: Investigation Report AO-2013-187
Date: 15 February 2016

Safety issue description

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority did not have a defined process for a robust, systematic approach to the assessment and approval of alternative non-destructive inspection procedures to ensure that the proposed method provided an equivalent, or better, level of safety than the original procedure.

Proactive Action

Action organisation: Civil Aviation Safety Authority records
Action number: AO-2013-187-NSA-052
Date: 15 February 2016
Action status: Monitor

On 7 October 2015, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) advised the ATSB that,

CASA has considered the issue raised and is in the process of developing a policy and/or supporting procedure to address this. The procedure will give recognition to the relationship between the consensus standard for non-destructive inspection (NDI) AS3669 and reg. 2A of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988, ensuring a minimum equivalent level of safety for alternate NDI procedures and approved maintenance data.

ATSB response:

The ATSB has assessed the proposed safety action by CASA and considers that it should adequately address the identified safety issue. However, the ATSB will reconsider this assessment when the proposed safety action has taken place to determine if it remains adequate.

Current issue status: Safety action pending
Status justification:

Although it appears that the proposed safety action will address the safety issue, until it has been implemented and the detail deemed to be adequate, the ATSB will monitor the action by CASA.

Last update 15 February 2016