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Although this investigation report highlights a low incidence of accidents and incidents involving insecure canopies in Lancair Legacy aircraft, the potential consequences of such occurrences have generated discussion among Lancair Legacy owners, builders and pilots. In particular, the ATSB is aware of a discussion paper, available on the United States Lancair Owners & Builders Organization website at, which examines a number of canopy-related accidents and incidents in this type, and reviews the pilot actions in each case in response.

As highlighted in its investigation report, the ATSB reiterates the importance of owners, operators and pilots of aircraft with canopies reviewing the adequacy of their existing measures that are intended to ensure canopies are securely latched before flight (such as pre-take-off checks and warning systems), and the actions in case of inadvertent canopy opening during take-off. In this respect, and without endorsing any particular recovery procedure, the above Lancair discussion paper could be expected to enhance that review.