Updated: 27 September 2013

The ATSB investigation team has completed the on-site phase of its investigation into the collision with terrain involving a Cessna 206 aircraft, registered VH‑WAV, about 156 km south-east of Croydon, Queensland on 15 September 2013. The investigation team examined the area used by the pilot for the take-off, the accident site and wreckage, and interviewed an eyewitness to the accident.

The site evidence and witness report indicated that, during take-off from an unsealed access road to a council work camp, the aircraft’s left wing struck a tree. The wingtip and aileron separated before the aircraft impacted terrain, fatally injuring the pilot and passenger. The aircraft was seriously damaged,1(Figure 1).

Figure 1: Aircraft wreckage


Source: ATSB

The investigation is continuing and will include consolidation of the site evidence, a review of witness reports, consideration as to the suitability of the access road for the take-off and examination of the aircraft’s records and pilot history.

A final investigation report is expected to be published by the end of February 2014.


1. The Australian Transport Safety Regulations 2003 definition of ‘serious damage’ includes the destruction of the transport vehicle.


The information contained in this web update is released in accordance with section 25 of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003 and is derived from the initial investigation of the occurrence. Readers are cautioned that new evidence will become available as the investigation progresses that will enhance the ATSB's understanding of the accident as outlined in this web update. As such, no analysis or findings are included in this update.