On 8 September 2013, the pilot and passenger of a De Havilland DH‑82A aircraft, registered VH‑BJE (BJE), were conducting a local scenic flight from the Redcliffe aeroplane landing area (ALA).

At about 1615 Eastern Standard Time  the pilot broadcast a taxi call on the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) and commenced taxiing via the eastern-most taxiway toward runway 07. The pilot then reported broadcasting a call advising that he was entering and backtracking runway 07. The aircraft was backtracked on the grass on the southern side of the sealed runway.

At the same time, the pilot of a Piper PA‑36 aircraft, registered VH‑SEN (SEN), broadcast a taxi call on the CTAF and taxied from the eastern taxiway behind BJE, then turned onto the sealed taxiway to runway 07. When SEN arrived at the intersection between the western taxiway and runway 07, the pilot reported that he broadcast his intention to line up after an aircraft on final had landed.

The pilot of BJE taxied off the flight strip, outside the gable markers, to allow the aircraft on final to land and vacate the runway. He then reported broadcasting a lining up and rolling call and lined up on the grass to the right of the sealed runway.

At about the same time, the pilot of SEN also broadcast a call advising he was entering, lining up and rolling on runway 07. The pilot of BJE heard the pilot of SEN broadcast the call. He looked back and observed SEN lined up on the sealed runway. He immediately broadcast a call requesting the pilot of SEN delay his take-off as BJE was within the confines of the flight strip. The pilot of SEN had also observed BJE about 100 m ahead on the grass, to the right, and reported that he rejected the take-off and made a call to BJE requesting his intentions. The pilot of BJE then commenced a turn towards the gable markers.

Shortly after, SEN recommenced the take-off. When SEN passed BJE, the pilot of BJE reported that his aircraft was still within the flight strip and estimated that the aircraft came within 10-15 m of each other.

Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 24