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On 2 August 2013, at 1400 Eastern Standard Time, the student of a Cessna 172R aircraft, registered VH‑IMS (IMS), conducted a solo navigation flight from Archerfield to Sunshine Coast via Caboolture, Queensland. After landing at Sunshine Coast Airport, the student taxied the aircraft to the general aviation apron.

Other aircraft were operating in the area and the pilot wanted to ensure he remained clear of them. The pilot noted a fence and power pole on his left, and then focused on an aircraft taxiing in front of IMS. While the pilot was watching the other aircraft taxiing, he advised that IMS may have rolled forward unnoticed. When the pilot commenced a right turn, the aircraft was past the end of the fence and as he turned the aircraft, the left wing collided with a power pole.

The pilot reported that he had learnt a valuable lesson from the accident, in that the flight is not over until the aircraft has been shut down and secured. This incident also highlights the need to keep a good look out during taxi as well as in flight.


Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin - Issue 23

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