Final Report


What happened

On 8 July 2013, an Avions de Transport Regional ATR72-212A, operated by Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Pty Ltd (VARA) and registered VH-FVY, touched down at Moranbah Airport, Queensland. During the landing roll, the aircraft changed direction a number of times. At one point, the aircraft departed the right side of the runway. One passenger reported a minor injury. The aircraft was not damaged as a consequence of the runway excursion.

What the ATSB found

During the landing roll, the rudder and nose wheel steering control inputs over corrected the heading deviations, leading to the runway excursion. Furthermore, the positioning of the rudder pedals could have contributed to the captain inadvertently over-controlling the rudder to counter the aircraft yaw.

What's been done as a result

As a result of this occurrence, VARA released Safety Message SAM-ATR-004/13. The safety message advised pilots of the hazards associated with crosswind landings. In addition, VARA has included this scenario as part of its regular simulator training programme.

Safety message

This occurrence highlights the importance of the correct cockpit set-up and use of correct control inputs during the landing roll, especially at high speed. Correct positioning of primary flight controls can reduce the risk of inadvertent control inputs.

The occurrence


Safety analysis


Safety actions

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