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On 30 December 2012, a Cessna 210 aircraft registered VH-DQI (DQI) was returning to Broome from Cape Leveque WA. On board were the pilot and five passengers. The aircraft was part of a two aircraft scenic tour of the area.

Early in the take-off run, the aircraft veered to the left, and the pilot applied right rudder. With the aircraft about 1 metre left of the runway centreline he continued the takeoff. At about 45 knots the aircraft again veered to the left. The pilot attempted to re-align the aircraft with full right rudder but DQI did not respond. As he retarded the throttle and applied the brakes, the aircraft’s left wing clipped trees along the edge of the airstrip and DQI swung almost 90 degrees, striking the right wing on the ground.  One passenger sustained a minor injury and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

The Chief Pilot reported extensive washout on the edge of the airstrip had contributed to the accident. He also used the occurrence as an educational opportunity for all staff pilots.


Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin – Issue 16

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