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Updated: 25 September 2017

The ATSB has received responses from Directly Involved Parties and is considering revisions to the report. As this report relates to AO-2017-024, certain aspects of the investigation required additional consideration which has extended the reporting process. The investigation is expected to meet the schedule stated in the General details below. It should be noted that during the course of any investigation, if the ATSB identifies critical safety issues, we will immediately bring them to the attention of relevant authorities and organisations to be addressed. The ATSB does not wait for the delivery of a final investigation report to raise identified critical safety issues. 


Updated: 7 November 2016

The draft final report has been reviewed by the directly involved parties (DIPs) who provided feedback on the report. The ATSB has considered the feedback, undertaken additional investigative work and changed the report where considered appropriate. The report is undergoing a final review prior to public release, which is anticipated to occur in February/March 2017.


Updated: 21 October 2014

Completion of this investigation has been further delayed by the involvement of investigation team members on other aviation safety investigations and tasks. It is now anticipated that the draft investigation report will be released to directly involved parties (DIP) in January 2015 for comment on the factual accuracy of the draft. Any comments over the 28-day DIP period will be considered for inclusion in the final report, which is expected to be issued to the public in November 2015.



Following the erection of an additional antenna on an off-airport building in the vicinity of Essendon Airport, Victoria, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) received a report from a concerned member of the public under the REPCON voluntary and confidential reporting scheme. The reporter’s concern related to the perceived implications for aviation safety of the location of the antenna.
In response, the ATSB conducted an initial examination of the existing approval process for structures such as buildings and towers that have the potential to create an obstacle hazard to aircraft operating in the vicinity of airports. This examination identified an underlying transport safety matter and an investigation was commenced that will examine:

  • the existing building approval process for structures in the vicinity of Australian airports
  • interaction between the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and Civil Aviation Safety Authority in support of that process.


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