At about 1802 on 1 August 2012, XPT passenger train ST23 (Sydney to Melbourne) reported loss of air shortly after traversing a level crossing between Longwood and Seymour in Victoria. Initial advice indicated that the coupler between the lead locomotive and adjoining passenger car had failed which led to the brake line and other service connections being damaged.


Section 21 (2) of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003 (TSI Act) empowers the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) to discontinue an investigation into a transport safety matter at any time. Section 21 (3) of the TSI Act requires the ATSB to publish a statement setting out the reasons for discontinuing an investigation.

On 1 August 2012, the ATSB commenced an investigation into a separation of train ST23 at 1802 Eastern Standard Time on 1 August 2012 near Seymour, Victoria. Examination of the information collected during the investigation identified that the occurrence had significant similarities to the investigation of the partial separation of train ST24 near Broadmeadows on 11 August 2011 (RO-2011-012). 

Accordingly the ATSB decided to examine the Seymour occurrence as part of the Broadmeadows investigation (RO-2011-012) and therefore investigation RO-2012-008 was discontinued.