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On 21 August 2012, at about 1430 Eastern Standard Time, an Aero Commander 500S registered VH-YJS (YJS) departed Charleville Airport, Queensland for Brisbane Airport via, Roma, Dalby and Toowoomba on a freight only charter flight under the IFR. The pilot was the only person on board.

During the landing roll the landing gear was inadvertently retracted and the lower fuselage contacted the runway.  The pilot exited the aircraft without injury however the lower fuselage of the aircraft was damaged. 

A manual safe pin was incorporated as a design feature to prevent inadvertent retraction of the landing gear. However operation of the gear lever and safe pin together had become an automatic response by the pilot and the effectiveness of the safe pin as a countermeasure reduced. Pilots are reminded to positively identify any control lever before actioning. 

Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin – Issue 14


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