On 22 August 2012, a Skippers Aviation Fairchild SA227-DC aircraft, registered VH-WBQ, was being operated on a charter passenger flight from Perth to Granny Smith aerodrome, Western Australia.

The aircraft arrived at the aerodrome and joined the circuit. When on downwind, the landing gear was extended, with the crew confirming that the three green down-locked lights were illuminated. The crew again confirmed, on a number of occasions, that the landing gear was extended.

During the landing flare, the left wing suddenly dropped. The first officer immediately applied right aileron in an attempt to counteract the wing drop and the aircraft touched down. After shutdown, the crew inspected the aircraft and determined that the left propeller had contacted the ground.

The aircraft operator examined the aircraft and believed that there was uncommanded retraction of the left landing gear on, or just after touchdown. The reason for the uncommanded retraction could not be determined.

Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin – Issue 14