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On 21 February 2012, a Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Beta helicopter, registered VH-HRY, collided with terrain 95 km south-west of Springsure aircraft landing area (ALA), Queensland. The pilot was the only person on board and was not injured. The helicopter was seriously damaged

While en route from a private helicopter landing site near Springsure to Beauchamp Station, the pilot decided to land to close a gate and identified a suitable landing area located nearby. On approach to the landing area, the helicopter made an uncommanded turn to the right; the pilot immediately applied left pedal and forward cyclic to arrest the rotation. The rotation slowed with the helicopter facing downwind. The helicopter contacted the ground and rolled over.

This accident highlights the dramatic and rapid effect that a loss of 'yaw axis' directional control resulting from loss of tail rotor authority (LTA) or loss of tail rotor effectiveness (LTE) can have on helicopters.

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