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At 1900 Eastern Daylight-saving Time on 12 January 2012 a Beech Aircraft Corporation 23 (Musketeer) registered VH-DFC (DFC) was on final approach to runway 18 at Mildura aerodrome, Victoria. With one stage of flap selected and passing about 300 ft above ground level (AGL), the pilot responded to a heavy sink rate by applying full throttle.

After climbing slightly, the aircraft then ballooned high. The pilot allowed the aircraft to climb to regain glide path then put the nose down and retarded the throttle to continue the approach. The aircraft then dropped rapidly and impacted runway 18 prior to the intersection with runway 09/27.

The aircraft sustained serious damage when the nose wheel separated from the fuselage. The pilot vacated the aircraft uninjured, while the sole passenger sustained minor injuries.

This accident demonstrates the importance of pre-flight planning for landing variables, such as wind. It also highlights that should an approach become unstable, conducting a go-around may be the safest course of action.

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