On Saturday 9 June 2012 at around 0700 local time, an Impulse 180TDI amateur-built aircraft departed Tököl airfield, Hungary for a flight to Straubing, Germany. While en-route, the aircraft encountered adverse weather conditions, and following a Mayday radio call from the pilot, the aircraft impacted the ground, fatally injuring the pilot and passenger. 

The Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung (BFU) of Germany is investigating this occurrence. In response to a request from BFU officers for technical assistance in the examination of a mobile phone and tablet device recovered from the accident aircraft, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau initiated an external aviation safety investigation in accordance with the provisions of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.

The mobile phone and tablet device were subsequently received at the ATSB facilities in Canberra for analysis.  While the relevant logic circuitry of both devices was functional, security features enabled on both devices prevented a successful recovery of any navigational or location/tracking data that may have existed within the units. A report was issued to the BFU documenting the process and procedures undertaken and the devices were returned to the BFU.

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Released in accordance with section 25 of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.