Rail safety issues and actions

Wheel inspection processes

Issue number: RO-2011-009-SI-01
Who it affects: Rail Rolling stock owners, operators and maintainers
Issue owner: SCT Logistics
Operation affected: Rail: Freight
Background: Investigation Report RO-2011-009
Date: 03 July 2013

Safety issue description

The wheel inspection processes prior to the failure of locomotive wheel L4 on SCT 008 were not effective in detecting surface damage or cracks

Proactive Action

Action organisation: SCT Logistics
Action number: RO-2011-009-NSA-024
Date: 03 July 2013
Action status: Closed

To improve detection of surface damage and cracking of wheels fitted to the SCT class of locomotive, SCT has advised the following actions:

  • Increase the level of visual inspections at wheel turning and during scheduled maintenance intervals, principally for evidence of impact damage.
  • Perform ultrasonic testing at each wheel machining after travelling 400,000 km, principally for evidence of cracking .
  • Where integral ultrasonic testing facilities are not available at wheel machining facilities, testing should start after midlife of the wheel when risk of wheel cracking increases.

ATSB response:

The ATSB is satisfied that the action taken by SCT Logistics addresses this safety issue.

Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Last update 20 June 2014