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At about 1308 on 28 March 2011 a collision involving freight train 7SP3 and a track mounted excavator occurred between Jaurdi and Darrine, Western Australia.

The train driver sustained a minor injury. There was significant damage to the lead locomotive and the excavator, and minor damage to the track as a result of the accident.

The investigation found that two track mounted excavators had been placed back on the track without permission of the Authorised Employee responsible for the coordination of track side safeworking activities between Jaurdi and Darrine. Other findings were that the communication equipment available to the track crews was inadequate, the sharing of safeworking protection information at pre-work briefings had not occurred and the application of a WestNet Rule had been simplified.

The investigation identified three safety issues, each of which has been addressed, as applicable, by the track access provider or track maintenance organisation.

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