Rail safety issues and actions

Human factors driver training

Issue number: RO-2011-002-SI-04
Who it affects: All rail operators
Issue owner: Rail Commissioner SA
Transport function: Rail: Passenger - metropolitan
Background: Investigation Report RO-2011-002
Issue release date: 11 October 2011
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is satisfied that the action proposed by Public Transport Services adequately addresses the safety issue.

Safety issue description

Public Transport Services driver training does not adequately address the risk of distraction and areas of human performance error with respect to SPAD events.

Proactive Action

Action number: RO-2011-002-NSA-004
Action organisation: Rail Commissioner SA
Date: 11 October 2011
Action status: Closed
Public Transport Services has advised that the following action is proposed or already happening with respect to driver training: ... prioritisation/awareness of distractions is widely scattered through documentation, so there is no single module as such. This will be created once our work on the Professional Driving Standards are complete which consolidates issues such as this ... Public Transport Services further advised: ... that its Professional Driving Standards are currently being consulted with stakeholders prior to their finalisation and implementation. ... that the increased number of drivers as detailed in the response above to the Safety Issue at 4.1.1 will in turn result in an increase of Senior Driver numbers, allowing additional resources for additional monitoring of drivers. ...that it regularly reminds Trainee Drivers of the need to maintain concentration and attention as part of its training program and as part of the follow up review process once a Trainee Driver becomes a Suburban Train Driver. SPAD alerts, produced to communicate any identified issues that have contributed to SPADs that have occurred. Event specific briefings to highlight changed circumstances that require additional information, such as a briefing for Royal Show operations that includes a reminder to Drivers about maintaining concentration despite the additional distractions present ... Daily Briefings that are given to drivers, that have SPADs, distractions and signals as the first three topics on the agenda.

ATSB comment:

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is satisfied that the action taken and proposed by Public Transport Services will adequately address the safety issue.
Last update 31 January 2014