Marine safety issues and actions

Bowen Tug and Barge stores container handling

Issue number: MO-2011-011-SI-05
Who it affects: All ship’s stores handling organisations
Issue owner: Bowen Tug and Barge
Transport function: Marine: Shore-based operations
Background: Investigation Report 291-MO-2011-011
Issue release date: 07 March 2013
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

Using pallet cages eliminates the need to use slings and therefore the dangers inherent in using slings.

Safety issue description

Bowen Tug and Barge had identified the need to spread the slings when lifting a stores container. However, there was no process in place to ensure that ships' crews were advised of this to ensure its safe return from the ship.

Proactive Action

Action number: MO-2011-011-NSA-012
Action organisation: Bowen Tug and Barge
Date: 07 March 2013
Action status: Closed
The ATSB was advised that purpose built and engineered cage frames suitable for lifting pallets and containers of this design has been manufactured and is in use. This alteration in the method of handling removes the use of slings and provides for top lifting of the load therefore greatly reducing the possibility of an accident of this type occurring again. Further, Bowen Tug and Barge advised that as of 01 July 2012 the company was no longer in the business of loading and unloading of stores for ships and were selling all the associated equipment to another company.

ATSB comment:

ATSB is satisfied that the actions taken will address this issue.
Last update 13 February 2014