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At about 1500 Eastern Daylight-saving Time, on 17 December 2011, a Cessna 172R aircraft, registered VH-LWX (LWX), landed on runway 13L at Moorabbin Airport. On board were a student pilot and instructor. The student was the handling pilot and the instructor was the pilot in command.

On vacating the runway, LWX was issued a clearance by air traffic services to taxi back to base via taxiway C, but to hold short of runway 13R. The pilot read back the requirement to hold short of runway 13R. The holding point on taxiway C was appropriately marked; however, LWX did not stop at the holding point, but continued across the runway, resulting in a runway incursion.

At the time of the incursion, a Cessna 172S, registered VH-EOR (EOR), with two persons on board, had just touched down to land on runway 13R. On seeing LWX cross the runway, the pilot of EOR applied full power, commenced a go-around, and passed overhead LWX. EOR subsequently completed a circuit and landed safely. There were no injuries or damage to either aircraft.

The pilot in command of LWX reported that he had been distracted by discussions with his student. The quick action by the pilot of EOR demonstrated the need for landing aircraft to keep a good lookout. The incident also highlights the need to avoid distractions when operating on or near an aerodrome.

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