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On 14 October 2011 at 0950 EST, a Boeing Company 747-400 aircraft, registered VH-OEH (OEH), operated by Qantas Airways, was taxiing for departure at Brisbane Airport. OEH was stopped at a taxiway holding point before applying power to initiate movement.   At the same time, a Virgin Australia First Officer exited the rear door of a Boeing Company 737-800, registered VH-VUM (VUM).  The First Officer was standing on the rear push stairs as they were blown over by jetblast from OEH. The First Officer fell to the tarmac and sustained serious injuries. 

Pilots are reminded of the very real danger posed by jetblast and the need to use only the minimum amount of power required to initiate aircraft movement.

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) in collaboration with Airservices Australia responded to this incident by issuing a NOTAM requiring all aircraft vacating the international apron to do so without stopping and using minimum power.  Airservices Australia issued a local instruction to Brisbane tower and ground controllers to assist with the implementation of this requirement. 

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