Aviation safety issues and actions

No systematic risk assessment for reduced controller training

Issue number: AO-2011-090-SI-01
Who it affects: All Airservices Australia air traffic controllers
Issue owner: Airservices Australia
Transport function: Aviation: Airspace management
Background: Investigation Report AO-2011-090
Issue release date: 06 March 2013
Current issue status: Adequately addressed
Issue status justification:

The development and implementation of a training variation form, in conjunction with oversight from management, should identify and training variation and document the considered risks and controls.

Safety issue description

There was no requirement for a systematic risk assessment to be conducted and documented when the planned amount of training for a controller was reduced.

Proactive Action

Action number: AO-2011-090-NSA-031
Action organisation: Airservices Australia
Date: 06 March 2013
Action status: Closed

Airservices Australia advised that it would develop a training variation form to systematically assess risk associated with amendments to the planned length of controller training programs, and completion of the form required the involvement of the controller’s line manager and the Operational Training Manager.

In addition, Airservices also indicated several other proposed enhancements to its controller training.

ATSB comment:

The ATSB is satisfied that this safety action, when implemented, will satisfactorily address the safety issue.

Last update 30 January 2014