On 20 May 2011, a Qantas Airways Boeing 767-338 aircraft, registered VH OGR, was being operated on a scheduled passenger service from Melbourne, Victoria to Perth, Western Australia.

During the approach to runway 03 at Perth, the aircraft encountered turbulence over a 9 second period, with severe turbulence recorded for 3-4 seconds during that time; a go-around was conducted.

Two passengers, who were reportedly not wearing their seat belts at the time, sustained head injuries from coming into contact with a window reveal and an overhead locker. After landing, both passengers received medical attention, with one being transported to hospital.

As a result of this occurrence, the aircraft operator has advised the ATSB that they intend to present this incident at the Airservices Australia industry participation working group for discussion; to improve the dissemination of information relating to windshear events.

Generally, 99 per cent of people receive no injuries during a turbulence encounter; however, if passengers and cabin crew are not wearing their seatbelts, they can be thrown around without warning. Almost all in-flight turbulence injuries could be avoided by wearing a seatbelt and paying attention to any safety announcements made by the flight crew and cabin crew during the flight.