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On 16 February 2011, a Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-30 aircraft, registered VH-MAC, was being operated on a private flight from Coldstream, Victoria, to Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, via Strathbogie, Wangaratta Vic. and Albury, NSW, under the instrument flight rules. On board the aircraft were the pilot and one passenger. In preparation for the flight, the pilot had submitted a flight plan and obtained an aviation meteorological area forecast the previous evening.

After departure from Coldstream aerodrome, the pilot obtained clearance to 9,000 ft above mean sea level. While flying in light cloud and passing NE of Albury, tracking to Canberra, the aircraft encountered severe turbulence. After experiencing uncommanded climbs and descents continuously for nearly 35 minutes, while at times becoming inverted, the pilot saw terrain through a break in the cloud and flew clear of the cloud. The pilot then decided to divert to Albury and landed safely a short time later.

The pilot stated that in future, he would check the aviation area forecast prior to departure.

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