On 31 January 2011, a Boeing Company Aircraft 777-3ZGER, registered VH-VPH, was en-route from Phuket, Thailand to Melbourne, Victoria. When the aircraft was 170 NM north of Jakarta, Indonesia it encountered a period of sudden and unexpected turbulence. Six cabin crew members and four passengers received minor injuries.

At the time of the incident, the aircraft was established in the cruise and flying in cloud. The weather radar showed no significant weather in the immediate vicinity of the aircraft.

The flight continued to Melbourne where two cabin crew members consulted with paramedics, however no medical treatment was required.

The operator is considering including details of this occurrence in flight crew and cabin crew training to improve general crew awareness on the practical aspects of turbulence management and the importance of cabin discipline particularly relating to the handling of cabin equipment.

The operator is also considering changing a number of internal procedures to improve or standardise processes related to reporting injuries, providing support to crew in remote ports and assessing when crew are fit to return to duty.