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On 20 January 2011, a Piper Aircraft Corporation PA‑28-140 aircraft, registered VH-TXW (TXW), was approaching the Moorabbin, Victoria inbound visual flight rules (VFR) approach point of Brighton. At the same time, a Cessna Aircraft Company 172 aircraft, registered VH-TSP (TSP), had departed Moorabbin, tracking   for Williamstown via Brighton. TSP was at an altitude of about 1,500 ft at Brighton.

When about 1.5 NM (3 km) north-west of the Brighton visual flight rules (VFR) approach point, descending through 1,600 ft, the pilot of TXW observed TSP on a reciprocal track, about 200 ft below and a horizontal distance of 2 km. In response, the pilot of TXW took evasive action and observed TSP pass about 100 ft below the left wing of his aircraft. The pilot of TSP did not see TXW.

When flying in the vicinity of busy airports, pilots should be aware of the potential traffic conflicts, particularly around VFR approach points. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority's VFR Flight Guide recommends that aircraft departing Moorabbin should avoid the inbound approach points. For aircraft flying inbound via these approach points, it is important for pilots to maintain a vigilant lookout for conflicting traffic and be aware that aircraft may be in unexpected locations.

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