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Preliminary report released 29 March 2011

At about 0153 on 9 December 2010 an Up (northbound) loaded grain train travelling from Barellan, New South Wales (NSW) to Maldon, NSW and numbered as 3234, collided at low speed with the rear of another Up (northbound) loaded grain train, numbered as 8922, on the Down2 Main line at Yass Junction, NSW. The intended operation had been for both trains to wait, one behind the other, on the Down Main line at Yass Junction to enable a third northbound goods train, 4MB2, to pass them both on the adjacent Up Main line.

On 25 May 2011, the draft ATSB investigation report into the incident was provided to directly involved parties for comment. The directly involved parties were asked to provide a submission addressing the report. All submissions will be considered before the report is finalised for public release

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