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At about 0937 on 1 November 2010, the Liberian registered container ship MSC Basel grounded in Moreton Bay, Queensland, while departing the port of Brisbane.

MSC Basel was in the main shipping channel when its rudder unexpectedly moved to starboard without the application of any helm. The ship immediately began turning to starboard.

The main engine was run astern and the port anchor was let go. However, these actions could not prevent the ship from grounding on Yule Banks, just to the north of the channel.

The ATSB investigation found that the ship's rudder probably moved to starboard because of a malfunction of the steering control system.

However, inspections and tests carried out following the grounding did not identify any steering control system faults.

The investigation also found that MSC Basel's steering system had not been tested in accordance with SOLAS2 requirements before the ship departed Brisbane.

The investigation report identifies one safety issue and outlines the safety actions taken by MSC Basel's managers to address it. The report also issues one safety advisory notice.

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