Marine safety issues and actions

STCW training for wave compensator

Issue number: MO-2010-004-SI-10
Who it affects: All maritime training organisations
Issue owner: Licensing authorities
Operation affected: Marine: Other
Background: Investigation Report 275-MO-2010-004
Date: 27 July 2011

Safety issue description

Training institutions delivering approved STCW courses are not keeping up to date with the introduction of wave compensation units to ensure their courses provide students with the required knowledge to safely operate these units

Safety Advisory Notice

Action organisation: Ship operators, ship masters and maritime training institutions
Action number: MO-2010-004-SAN-016
Date: 27 July 2011
Action status: Closed

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau advises that ship operators, ship masters and maritime training institutions should consider the safety implications of this safety issue and take action where considered appropriate.

ATSB response:


Current issue status: No longer relevant
Status justification:

More than 12 months have passed since the SAN was issued.

Last update 06 March 2014