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On 23 October 2010, the student pilot of a Cessna Aircraft Company 152, registered VH-HCC (HCC) was conducting solo circuit training at Bankstown aerodrome, New South Wales (NSW). At the same time, a flying instructor and student pilot were conducting dual training circuits in a Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-28-161, registered VH-XSN (XSN).

While on the base leg of the circuit, the pilot of HCC reported sighting another aircraft at a 90º angle to his right. He noted that this aircraft was a long way from the aerodrome and decided to continue flying his circuit as normal. At the same time, when on final for runway 29L, the student pilot of XSN observed a Cessna 152 aircraft turn in front, and below his aircraft. The instructor initiated a go-around and advised air traffic control (ATC).

The distance between the two aircraft was estimated at 100 m horizontally and 100 ft vertically.

It is important that pilots apply the principles of 'see-and-avoid' by maintaining a constant lookout for other traffic in the circuit and actively listen to the radio to ensure that separation with preceding aircraft is maintained. If there is any doubt as to the position of other aircraft, contact ATC or make a broadcast.

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