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On 12 August 2010, a Cessna Aircraft Company U206F aircraft, registered VH-TZV, was conducting parachuting operations near Gladstone, Queensland. Soon after takeoff, as the aircraft was climbing through 1,000 ft, the aircraft's engine lost power.

The pilot was unable to restart the engine and conducted an emergency landing in a field. The aircraft was significantly damaged and some of the occupants sustained serious injuries.

The reason for the engine failure could not be determined.

Pilots should consider the effect an in-flight engine failure at low altitude would have on the time available to manage the failure and identify a suitable forced landing area. In this instance, the pilot was able complete some emergency checks and turn the aircraft away from a water course in an  attempt to conduct a forced landing on a gravel road. It is likely that this action positively influenced the outcome for the occupants of the aircraft.

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