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On 30 June 2010, a Grob - Burkhaart Flugzeugbau G-115C2 (Grob) aircraft, registered VH-BDP, and an Avions Pierre Robin R-2160 (Robin) aircraft, registered VH‑JXY, were conducting flying training north-west of Mandurah, Western Australia (WA). On board both aircraft were a flight instructor and student.

At about 1400 Western Standard Time, the Robin was travelling to the south-west, maintaining about 3,500 ft. The instructor in the Robin reported that he had just cleared the area in preparation for conducting a manoeuvre when he saw the Grob on a reciprocal heading, at about the same altitude. The aircraft was sighted too late to take any action. The instructor in the Grob also sighted the Robin, slightly to the left, and immediately initiated a steep turn to the right. It was estimated that the distance between the aircraft was about 50 m horizontally and 150 ft vertically, with the Grob positioned above the Robin.

As a result of this incident, the operator of the Grob has modified their operating procedures so that flying training will only be conducted in the designated training area. The operator of the Robin has implemented a procedure requiring pilots to request traffic information or flight following from air traffic control prior to commencing aerial work.

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