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At 1845 Singapore Time on 27 May 2010, an Airbus A321-231, registered VH-VWW and operating as Jetstar flight JQ57, was undertaking a landing at Singapore Changi International Airport. The aircraft was not in the correct landing configuration by 500 ft height above the aerodrome and, as required by the operator's procedures in the case of an unstable approach, the crew carried out a missed approach.

The investigation identified several events on the flight deck during the approach that distracted the crew to the point where their situation awareness was lost, decision making was affected and inter‑crew communication degraded. In addition, it was established that the first officer's performance was probably adversely affected by fatigue.

The investigation did not identify any organisational or systemic issues that might adversely impact the future safety of aviation operations. However, following this occurrence, the aircraft operator proactively reviewed its procedures and made a number of amendments to its training regime and other enhancements to its operation.

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