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On 16 May 2010, an Embraer ERJ 190 aircraft, registered VH-ZPF, was being operated on a positioning flight from Adelaide, South Australia (SA) to Brisbane, Queensland (Qld). After arriving in Brisbane, the pilot in command (PIC) reported that the load and trim sheet for the aircraft was inaccurate due to certain items being counted twice in the aircraft's load and trim calculations.

It was found that an error occurred when the Adelaide airport movements coordinator (AMCO), during a period of high workload, inadvertently selected the incorrect aircraft configuration in the company's computerised load and trim system.

The aircraft was not operated outside its weight and balance limitations; however, there were implications for how the pitch trim was set prior to takeoff.

The operator has raised an amendment to its flight operations manual to clarify the correct configuration to use when compiling a load and trim sheet for a positioning flight. The operator has also implemented changes to its load control system software to prevent the inadvertent selection of the incorrect configuration while preparing a load and trim sheet.

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