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On 9 May 2010 at about 0815 Central Standard Time, a Saab 340B aircraft, registered VH-SBA, landed at Mount Gambier aerodrome, South Australia (SA). The crew reported that following a routine approach and touchdown, light braking was applied. At a speed of between 40 and 50 kts, braking pressure was increased because of the speed of the aircraft in relation to its position on the runway.

When braking pressure was increased, the aircraft pulled to the left. The aircraft continued to veer left, until it came to a stop with the nose and left main wheels bogged, off the left side of the runway, at an estimated angle of 50 degrees off runway heading.

The operator's maintenance personnel determined that the left-seat pilot's right brake pedal was producing less braking force than the left pedal. Following extensive fault finding, the associated brake control cable conduit was inspected with a boroscope. A gouge was found on inside radius. The cable was replaced and the aircraft returned to service.

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