On 4 April 2010, the pilot of a Victa Airtourer 115 aircraft, registered VH-MTC was conducting a private visual rules return flight from Cambridge Aerodrome, Tasmania. The flight consisted of some aerobatics, followed by some sight-seeing over Hobart.

At about 1020, after the pilot commenced the return to Cambridge, the engine suddenly lost all power. The pilot conducted a forced landing onto a nearby road, seriously damaging the aircraft. The pilot, who was the sole occupant, was uninjured.

The investigation found that the power loss was due to exhaustion of the aircraft's fuel supply.

A number of safety issues were identified concerning the measurement of the quantity of fuel on board, and consumed before and during the flight. Those issues contributed to the pilot's belief that there was more fuel on board the aircraft than was actually the case.

As a result of this accident the aircraft's type certificate holder, aircraft owner's association and the aircraft's operator have undertaken a number of safety actions. Those actions include a number of pilot education initiatives and the amendment of the operator's maintenance processes to ensure compliance with all airworthiness directives.

In addition, the aircraft's type certificate holder is undertaking a number of enhancements in response to an unrelated Civil Aviation Safety Authority-initiated review of aspects of the aircraft's fuel system and concerns about the aircraft's original fuel system certification process.