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On 24 February 2010, a Boeing Company 737-800, registered PK-GMG, was being operated on a scheduled passenger service from Denpasar, Republic of Indonesia to Perth, Western Australia (WA). The aircraft was cleared by air traffic control (ATC) to land on runway 03.

During the landing roll, the crew received instructions from ATC to exit runway 03 by taking taxiway November, the second on their right. In complying, the aircraft was turned onto the cross runway 06, which was active. The crew then received instructions to expedite their exit via taxiway S. The aircraft was exited from the active runway and moved to its parking stand.

This incident is a reminder that all radio communications phraseology should be clear, concise and unambiguous and should reflect international practices and standards where possible, particularly with regard to instructions provided to and received from international aircraft, and in safety critical situations. It is also a reminder to crews to seek clarification of ATC instructions should there be any doubt as to the content or intent of any clearance or instruction.

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