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At 1447 on Thursday 27 November 2008, the northbound Cairns Tilt Train (CTT) collided with a loaded B-double truck  at the Rungoo level crossing, about 19.5 km north of the township of Ingham in north Queensland. On board the CTT were 81 passengers and seven train crew. The truck driver was the sole occupant of the B-double truck.

The two train drivers were fatally injured as a result of the collision, the truck driver sustained moderate injuries. In addition, injuries were incurred by nine passengers.  The investigation was conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in accordance with provisions of Queensland's Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 (the Act), independently chaired by a senior rail safety investigator of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Rail safety in Queensland is regulated by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. All railway managers and/or railway operators within Queensland are required to be accredited in accordance with the Act. The Department of Transport and Main Roads' role in rail safety also includes the investigation of railway incidents.

The final report is available via Queensland Transport.

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