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On 3 November 2008, a SAAB Aircraft Company 340B-229 (SAAB), registered VH-ORX, was conducting a regular public transport flight from Orange, NSW to Sydney. The crew reported that, at about 0724 Eastern Daylight-saving Time, when tracking to join a 7 NM (13 km) final for runway 34 Right (34R), a passenger sustained minor injuries following a possible wake turbulence event that resulted in a momentary loss of control of the aircraft.

Examination of the available radar, meteorological and aircraft operational data identified that the momentary upset probably resulted from wake turbulence, which was generated by an Airbus Industrie A380-800 (A380) that was conducting a parallel approach to runway 34 Left (34L). There was a 35 kt left crosswind affecting both aircraft's approaches.

Airservices Australia (Airservices) reported to the SAAB operator that, as a result of this incident, they had introduced a number of interim minor changes to Sydney parallel runway operational procedures during high crosswind conditions. Those minor changes would have effect while Airservices carried out a review of A380 operations. In addition, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has opened a regulatory change project to review and update wake turbulence separation information in the Manual of Standards Part 172.

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