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At about 0650 Eastern Standard Time on 15 May 2008, the pilot and sole occupant of a Cessna Aircraft Company C210L aircraft, registered VH-IDM, departed Karumba Airport, Qld, to conduct a low-level geophysical survey flight, under the visual flight rules. The aircraft was due back at Karumba at 1115. At approximately 1000, Australian Search and Rescue (AusSAR) detected an Emergency Locator Transmitter transmission and initiated a search. At approximately 1300, the wreckage of the Cessna 210 was located and the pilot was found to be fatally injured.

Recorded data showed the pilot conducted a series of planned east-west survey lines at an altitude of 260 ft above ground level. As planned, the pilot initiated a left turn to track to the north. During the left turn, the aircraft lost altitude, and increased bank angle and speed. The on-site information indicated that the aircraft's initial impact was in a steep left-wing-down attitude, consistent with a loss of control.

The investigation found the loss of control was probably due to pilot loss of consciousness as a result of an irregularity of heart rhythm associated with either focal scarring or chronic inflammation of the heart muscle.

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