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At about 0036 on 30 November 2007, the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanker Namhae Gas collided with the fishing vessel Rexandra. At the time, both vessels were about 30 miles northeast of Mooloolaba, Queensland.

Neither Namhae Gas's watch-keeper nor duty lookout was keeping a proper lookout in the time leading up to the collision. They also assumed that a collision between their ship and Rexandra had not occurred. Consequently, the second mate did not immediately report the incident to the ship's master and he made no attempt to contact the damaged fishing vessel.

While Rexandra's skipper was aware that the ship was approaching the fishing vessel, he did not take early action when he became aware that a risk of collision existed.

Namhae Gas did not sustain any damage during the collision, but Rexandra was taking on water. Fortunately, the fishing vessel's bilge pumps were able to keep up with the ingress of water. After hauling in its three nets, Rexandra set course for Mooloolaba, arriving there at 0900 on 30 November.

Marine Safety Advisory Notice [ MS20080027 ]

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