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On 7 August 2007, a British Aerospace (BAe) 146 aircraft, registered VH-NJT, was holding at the Instrument Flight Reporting point, ROTAP, 95 NM (176 km) north-east of Perth, WA. At 0950 Western Standard Time, the left side inner 'Feed Tank Low Level' warning light illuminated, followed almost immediately by the right side inner 'Feed Tank Low Level' warning light.

A PAN PAN radio broadcast was made to Air Traffic Services (ATS) and the aircraft landed at Perth 26 minutes later without further incident. The crew reported that, after landing, a total of 1,920 kgs of fuel remained on board.

Maintenance inspections carried out by the operator found no faults with the aircraft fuel system. The operator advised that 2 days later, a fault was reported in the left side inner boost fuel pump. The pump was replaced and no further faults have been reported with the aircraft fuel system.

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