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On 5 August 2007 at 1407 Eastern Standard Time, a Saab Aircraft AB 340B, registered VH-RXX, was being operated on a scheduled passenger service from Sydney to Albury, NSW. It was the aircraft's first flight of the day and the first flight after a routine compressor wash carried out on the engines.

An odour, which had been apparent inside the aircraft during the preflight procedure and taxi, and which was described as 'similar to curry', became much stronger from just before rotation until about two minutes after takeoff. Believing the fumes were caused by compressor wash fluid and would dissipate, the flight crew elected to continue the flight.

The manufacturer of the compressor wash fluid confirmed that, when heated, it would produce an odour similar to curry.

The operator reported that their compressor wash procedure had been followed, and was unable to explain the subsequent ingress of fumes to the cockpit and cabin of the aircraft.

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