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On 14 July 2007, a Boeing 737 NG, registered ZK-PBF, taxied at Sydney Airport on taxiway 'G' to runway 16R for a takeoff to Christchurch, New Zealand. The aircraft entered the runway with left engine N1 at 28% RPM and right engine N1 at 20% RPM (idle).

The flight crew commenced the takeoff by increasing both engines' thrust and the Take Off / Go Around (TO/GA) button was pressed with the left engine N1 at 41% RPM and the right engine N1 at 24% RPM. As both engines accelerated, asymmetric thrust reduced directional controllability of the aircraft and it veered off the side of the runway before the crew could bring the aircraft to a halt on the crossing runway 07.

As a result of this occurrence, the aircraft operator has reviewed procedures for initial and recurrent training of flight crews.

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