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On 26 June 2007 at 0639 Western Standard Time, an Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A. EMB-120ER aircraft, registered VH-XUE, departed Perth, WA on a contracted passenger charter flight to Jundee Airstrip. There were two pilots, one flight attendant, and 28 passengers on the aircraft.

While passing through 400 ft above ground level on final approach to Jundee Airstrip, with flaps 45 set, the aircraft drifted left of the runway centreline. When a go-around was initiated, the aircraft aggressively rolled and yawed left, causing the crew control difficulties. The crew did not immediately complete the go-around procedures. Normal aircraft control was regained when the landing gear was retracted about 3 minutes later.

The left engine had sustained a total power loss following fuel starvation, because the left fuel tank was empty. The investigation identified safety factors associated with the fuel quantity indicating system, the ability of the crew to recognise the left engine power loss, and their performance during the go-around. There were clear indications that the operator's fuel quantity measurement procedures and practices were not sufficiently robust to ensure that a quantity indication error was detected. The failure of that risk control provided the opportunity for other safety barriers involving both the recognition of, and the crew's response to, the power loss, to be tested. Organisational safety factors involving regulatory guidance, the operator's procedures, and flight crew practices were identified in those two areas. The operator introduced revised procedures for measuring fuel quantity and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) initiated a project to amend the guidance to provide better clarity and emphasis.

The crew's endorsement and other training did not include simulator training and did not adequately prepare them for the event. There was no EMB-120 flight simulator facility in Australia and no Australian regulatory requirement for simulator training. In March 2009, an EMB-120 flight simulator came into operation in Melbourne, Vic. A workshop and discussion forum was conducted on 27 to 28 April 2009 for Australian Embraer 120 aircraft operators. All those operators were expected to commence utilising the simulator for flight crew endorsement training following that workshop.

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