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On 9 April 2007, at 1703 Western Standard Time, the main landing gear of a Beech Super King Air 200 (registered VH-SGT) collapsed on touchdown at Perth airport. The aircraft was extensively damaged as a result of the collapse. No injuries were sustained by the pilot or passengers from the accident.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigation revealed that two major system components had failed which could have prevented the landing gear from properly retracting/extending; the geared components within the right main landing gear actuator had fractured, and the left torque tube support bearing had seized from contamination and lack of lubrication. Although each component failure was apparently unrelated, the examination was not able to conclusively establish which failure had been the primary contributing factor in this landing occurrence. The Super King Air 200 aircraft landing gear system configuration was such that should either one of these component assemblies cease to function, extension or retraction of the landing gear would not have been possible.

As a result of this occurrence, the operator changed their system of maintenance to introduce an inspection interval and replacement schedule for all landing gear torque tube support bearings within their Super King Air 200 fleet.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority released airworthiness bulletin 32-07 to all operators of Hawker Beechcraft 65, 70, Queen Air 90 and 200-series King Air aircraft that recommended changes to the maintenance schedule for landing gear components.

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