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At approximately 0644 Eastern Standard Time on 2 June 2006 the crew of Interail freight service 5MB7 reported that their train had derailed while traversing the No. 3 points located at the Melbourne end of the Benalla crossing loop. Both locomotives derailed along with 19 wagons. Two track machines stabled within the cripple road adjacent the crossing loop were heavily damaged along with the nearby Victorian Railway Institute Hall which sustained severe structural damage.

There were no serious injuries as a result of the collision.

The investigation found that the driver of train 5MB7 had probably failed to correctly interpret and respond to signal ES6377. As a result he was unable to slow the train to a safe speed when traversing No. 3 points located at Melbourne end of the Benalla crossing loop.

In the interest of enhancing future rail safety the ATSB has made seven recommendations which include a review of crew resource management strategies, an examination of mentoring responsibilities and reviewing processes for the re-certification of drivers.

Download final report [PDF 3.5 MBPDF]

Rail Recommendations [ RR20070015 ] [ RR20070016 ] [ RR20070017 ] [ RR20070018 ] [ RR20070019 ] [ RR20070020 ] [ RR20070021 ]

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