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At 0701 on 28 March 2006, TransAdelaide passenger train H307 passed signal 161 at Adelaide Railway Station while it was displaying a red stop aspect. Train H307 then travelled the wrong direction along the Up track for approximately two minutes before stopping about 600 m past signal 161.

At the same time, Great Southern Railway Indian Pacific passenger train (1PA8) was approaching Torrens Junction where TransAdelaide's broad gauge line crosses the standard gauge Defined Interstate Rail Network (DIRN). The investigation found that the signalling system could not provide an appropriate indication to both trains and thus neither train driver was aware of the potential for a collision. Had train H307 continued on for a further 1000 m the two trains may have collided.

The investigation also concluded that driver distraction, conflicting signal indications (hand and fixed), and inexperience contributed to the occurrence

Rail Recommendations

[ RR20070032 ] [ RR20070033 ]

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